Many People Are Seeking Medical Help For Secondhand Embarrassment

With the emergence of Social Media, Doctors have seen an increased amount of people visiting them after suffering secondhand embarrassment.

“It is a little known side effect of social media”, John Barley, a Doctor in Minneapolis says. “People suffering from different degrees of secondhand embarrassment are consulting doctors to get help. There has been a huge number of extreme cringing or intense wincing related injuries. We have noticed this since the creation of Facebook in 2004”.

The causes of the embarrassment are varied and sometimes hard to discover.

“It can be a mother oversharing on Instagram, friends getting in a Twitter fight, someone coming out as rude and racist in a comment, a colleague who think “should of” is a thing, a white cousin from Utah sharing his rap debut video… People are submerged by other people’s idiocy to such a deep level. None of the previous generations were subjected to that. It is starting to show its effects”.

The Doctor is now determined to raise awareness to make sure no one suffers alone ever again.

“There is no shame in seeking help. Secondhand embarrassment is happening to people of any ethnicity, sex, age, social class… We can help you, if you let us”