Republican Party Sues Games of Prawns

Tyson Hablett and Conan Tooter, the creators or “Games of Prawns”, a Youtube weekly show, didn’t expect it to become so successful. Neither did the Republican Party apparently.

“We had this idea to adapt the show Game of Thrones with Prawns a few years ago”, Tyson explains. “Seven crustacean families fight to get hold of the Halite Throne of the 7 Seas Kingdom. We thought we might get sued by the creators of Game of Thrones but they were really cool about it! We were thrilled”.

What the pair didn’t see coming is that the Republican Party would be the one suing them.

“Our show is often called GOP and the Republican party isn’t happy about it. They demand we change the name of our show or pay them compensation. We aren’t ready to comply with either demands. Nobody even know what their GOP stand for”.

Another problem for the Republican Party is Crooked Calamari, an arthritis ridden mage on the show.

“We had chosen the name before Trump even decided to become a candidate. It is just really unfortunate it sounds like Crooked Hillary. We can’t get rid of Crooked Calamari, she is a pilar of the show!”, Conan says.