Trump Healthcare (Just Not About the Poor)

The American Administration has announced today that they were working on a new healthcare plan, Trump Healthcare, that might start being put in place in 2020.

“It is based on the principle that you get what you pay for”, a spokesman says. “We want to offer assistance to those who can’t afford private healthcare while still staying profits focused. We do believe that it is possible. Yes, we can too!”.

Trump Healthcare Plan will offer some interesting options for those in need of medical help.

“Glasses you hold with your fingers! We provide the lenses, you deal with it. Co-prostate exam! We put you in contact with another person who needs it but can’t afford a doctor. Auto-Colonoscopy! A self service machine where people can check themselves up 24/7. We have enough good ideas to make the poor people stop bothering us”.

The announcement has been met already by outrage and threats of manifestations.

“People are never happy!”, the spokesman says. “The cruel thing to do would be to offer no solution. At least we are trying”.