Family Confused by Lilac Cake at Gender Reveal Party

Jordan and Melissa Matthews are expecting their first child. Their loved ones gathered at a gender reveal party. Unfortunately, an incident has left everyone quite distressed.

“The party was great, we all had so much fun”, Melissa’s mother, Marcia, says. “As the end  of the afternoon was approaching, it was time to cut the cake to find out the baby’s gender. It was a beautiful white cake. We were so excited”.

But as they watched Jennifer and Jordan cut the cake, people’s smile slowly turned into worried grins.

“The inside of the cake was lilac”, Marcia says. “It is very confusing. It is literally pink and blue together. I don’t know what to think. Are they having twins? Are they having a gender neutral baby or did they decide to raise it without a gender? Is it just a joke? The most confusing part is that they didn’t explain anything. They just ate the cake and continued as if everything was normal”.

Jordan’s Grandfather, Harold, is quite lost himself : “How will we know how to treat it? I want to know if it will be into football or ballet. That cake was the foundation of the relation we will have with the child and now it is starting really badly”.