Womanizer realises he is Actually Just a Basic Douchebag

Joseph Mawiff, 26, is reevaluating his life after realising last week that he was not a womanizer but just a basic douchebag. He has now decided to share his story to make sure no other man makes the same mistakes as him.

“I was living my life carelessly until that fateful night. I was at a bar, like pretty much every night, talking to every girl, showing off my seducer’s skills thinking that women were enjoying my wit and charm. As I was getting out for a cigarette, I heard several of them laughing and calling me nuisance”.

Going back home straight away, Joseph the ex-womanizer started a long process of introspection.

“I had no idea women didn’t enjoy my smooth words and my sweet insistence. Of course, I said the same empty things to every woman. Of course, I sometimes looked for better around while talking to a lady. But that is part of the game. Women want respect now? I am so angry, I think I might go write some passive aggressive comments about women on the Daily Mail website to let off the steam”.

Joseph’s family is now worried as he has been sitting in the dark for a week and refuses to talk to them.

“I am alright. I will be alright. It is a lot to process, I just need a bit of time staring at the wall in the dark, redefining who I am as a man and as a human being”