Women More Likely to Die Alone if They Own a Hamster

Good news for all the cat lovers out there! A study has shown that women owning a hamster are as likely to die alone as women owning a hamster.

“A lot of women turned to less stereotyped pets, such as hamsters or iguanas”, Herman Foller, the researcher behind the study, says. “They were worried that getting a cat would sentence them to stay alone forever”

The study’s results should put an end to last months frenzy which saw hamsters’ sales going up 600%.

“Interestingly, if we compare a single woman owning 3 cats to a single woman woman owning 3 hamsters, we actually notice that the Hamster lady is 1.2 times more likely to die alone than the cat lady”, Herman says. “That is really surprising!”

The  happy news has filled with joy cat aficionados over the world. A happy lady going by the handle @werenotdatinghesmycat has tweeted about getting herself two brand new kittens.

“If you don’t take into account the fact that you are less likely to be eaten by your hamster after you died, it seems like cats are a better option. There is still a strong possibility that you’ll stay single though. But at least you’ll have hope”, Herman says.