Justin Bieber to Release Jumping Photo Book

Many of his fans had been left worried after the sudden cancellation of his tour earlier this year but Justin Bieber is finally back!

“Not with music though. It wasn’t my thing, let’s face it”, the 23 years old says. “I have been doing a lot of soul searching recently. Watching pictures of people jumping has brought me so much joy. It was like a thousand butterflies partied in my belly every time I saw a picture of someone smiling and jumping in the most unnatural pose. Especially if they did it on a beach. It has inspired me to write my own book”.

The ex-singer has decided to use his book to connect with his fans again

“I have a whole concept around it. There will be 365 pages with a picture of me jumping in some of my favourite places. Under the picture I will tell my fans an historic fact about the place. I am quite the history enthusiast. Not many people know that about me! If there isn’t any particular story about the place, I will write a random fact about raccoons. I love them too”.

Since announcing the news, Justin has had to answer the same question over and over again.

“No, I won’t jump off a cliff on the last picture”.