Apple Forgets Calling Option for Iphone XI

Surprising everyone, Apple has announced this morning that the Iphone XI will be released in December, only 6 weeks after the Iphone X.

In an attempt to stay relevant and please consumers who are used to be offered novelty really often, Apple has decided not to wait the usual year to replace the last Iphone.

“People get bored so easily nowadays, we have to offer something surprising and new every month if we want to stay competitive”, Duncan Kurbee, a spokesman of Apple says.

Adam Mantouk, a huge Apple fan, is one of the lucky few who have been selected to test it before everyone else. “I was so excited when they picked me. Now, after trying the Iphone XI for 2 days, I am a bit confused about what it is supposed to be used for”.

Indeed, after removing the headphone jack, Apple has decided to get rid of the phone’s microphone.

“They probably didn’t realise it would make it impossible to use the phone to call anyone. I have contacted them to let them know but their answer was that I could hold my phone while talking to someone. I don’t know… I expect more from a phone”.

The Iphone XI does come with new exclusive features that could make up for its lack of microphone.

“You can open your microwave door from up to 5 feet away. It can also be connected to a watch that counts every time you kill your childhood dreams and hopes a bit more through the day. It’s cool, for people who are into that kind of things, I guess”, Adam says.