Trump Pressured Rolling Stone to Pretend they used Covfefe in 1972

It has been discovered today that Donald Trump had asked the magazine Rolling Stone to lie about using the word Covfefe to save his pride.

“Last June, the day after Donald Trump wrote the now infamous tweet, we received a phone call from the White House”, says Jonas Vrijft, one of the writers. “It was the President himself. He was quite panicked. He begged us to pretend Covfefe was a word and we has actually used it in one of our editions in 1972. We said no but he kept on calling and was really insisting”.

The magazine’s staff stopped answering the phone for that day. Everybody hoped this would be the end of the story. That was without knowing Donald Trump’s determination.

“The next day, we received handwritten letters in golden sharpie. It was signed Donald Trump and was a succession of long rants. Not everything made sense but the idea was the same, he asked us to help him pretend Covfefe was a word. We ignored it. By the end of the day, he had sent us the weirdest card, probably made with MS paint 98. He had replaced every flower of a bouquet with his face. It creeped us out”.

Thankfully, after that last attempt, the President seemed to give up on the idea to get the magazine’s help.

“I guess he figured out that tweeting something outrageous would make people forget about Covfefe. At least I think it was intentional”.