Oxford Dictionaries Get Rid of the Word Hope

The Oxford Dictionaries editors have announced last Friday that the next updated edition would see the word Hope leave the famous book.

“It is a normal practice to get rid of words that are not in use anymore, obsoletes and won’t be used anymore”, Domenico Oxford, the creator of the dictionary, says. “This year, it made sense that “hope” would be one of the removed words”.

In addition to hope, 2017 will lose optimism, healthcare, integrity and solidarity.

“It is just the way it is” Domenico explains. “If we kept each and every single word that has ever been spoken, the dictionary would be huge. We can always add the words again later if they make a come back”.

The decision to say goodbye to these words will allow the editors of the dictionary to add words like aulacogen, Crookedhilary, Aunt Tom and springerle mould.

“A lot of exciting new words that people will definitely use more than hope or optimism”, Domenico says.