Bisons Offended by People Saying Being Gay is Against Nature

Bronx, New York – If you want to see some Bisons while visiting the Bronx Zoo, you might have to postpone your visit. The zoo has announced this morning that the animals were on indefinite strike to protest against the group Christian Against Homosexuality’s claim that being gay is against nature.

“The Bisons at the zoo are outraged”, a spokesperson of the zoo says. “As a species who has accepted homosexuality, they are horrified that humans are still pretending it doesn’t exist in nature. As the saying say “if you are less evolved than Bisons, you have to ask yourself some questions”

Bisons might not stay alone in their protest for really long.

“Bears, Caribous, Cats, Goats, Raccoons, Penguins… So many animals display homosexual behaviour and plan to join the movement. They are going to refuse to appear in adverts, movie or Youtube videos. Other actions will be taken. They are really serious about the whole thing”, Rodney, the penguins keeper says.