Twitter Feminist Activist Offers Best Excuses to be Offended

New York – Jennifer Ganaffan, 21, is extremely active on her twitter account at the moment. The student at NYU calls herself a “Feminist Keyboard Warrior”.

“I am not sure what it means but I like the sound of it”, Jennifer admits. “I have always been very passionate about feminism. When my school told us dresses above the knee would be forbidden for prom night, I opened a twitter account and started to campaign for the rule to be cancelled. I posted a picture of me in underwear every day to protest. It got quite popular. I was so happy to see my message spreading so fast”.

Even though Jennifer didn’t manage to make the school change their mind, she had discovered the power of social medias.

“I started to used my twitter account to express how offended I was every time I read a sexist comment. The attention I got was so exciting! I was disappointed not to find more sexist things to be outraged at so I started to twist people’s words to have a reason to be offended. It worked wonders, you can get offended about everything! I enjoy the spotlight so much, I don’t care if my outbursts discredit the whole feminist cause, as long as I come across as powerful and get attention”

Jennifer has now decided to offer other women advice on how to get offended every day, without too much work.

“I post one advice a day. For example, be furious at the cashier smiling at you. Have a go at the guy holding the door for you. You can find reasons to be offended in your everyday life!.

Jennifer also created the “offense of the day”.

“It is basically an alert for every woman who wants to fit in with the other easily offended women. Today’s alert was a guy tweeting he couldn’t wait to go home this weekend to see his girlfriend.Since I tweeted about him, we have been shaming him non stop, asking him if he thought his girlfriend’s only purpose was to wait for him all week, if he had her written consent to call her his girlfriend publicly or if he is proud to shove patriarchy down his girlfriend’s throat. It is is much fun!”