Pensioners Have No Idea What Time it is Since 1982

Shreveport, Louisiana – It happens twice a year and is, for most people, a mild inconvenience. But for Bernie and Josephine Sangfer, 2 cute pensioners, changing time to Summer or Winter Time is a real nightmare.

“Our son played a joke on us in 1982 and since then we are just lost”, Bernie says. “When he first did it, it took us 3 weeks to realise what had happened. Josephine was staying home and my boss was really polite and didn’t mention me coming late every day as I was staying an hour later too”.

After missing a theatre play due to arriving there late, Bernie and Josephine realised something was wrong.

“We asked our son to fix it”, Josephine says, “but he made things worst and we got even more confused. After that, we have tried to go back to the right time but we seem to get it a bit wronger each time. We believe we were on the right time in 1992 an 1998 but other than that, we are living a life of doubts and resentment towards our son”

Bernie and Josephine, who are now pensioners have given up on the idea to ever  know exactly what time it is.

“We are pretty sure we are 9 hours wrong now. We have no idea if it is 9 hours more or less, though. It’s alright, we just stay home and go to the shops and friends when the sun is out. We pretend we refuse to let a convention such as time rule our lives. The neighbours think we are those original people in town. We can live with that”, Bernie explains.