Conspiracy Theorist Realises Calling People Sheep Doesn’t Have More Impact

John F. Kennedy’s assassination has had a big impact on millions of Americans. But one in particular has been touched in a way that would influence his whole life. Now a conspiracy theorist, Herbert Mcclure, 64, was 11 years old when he heard about the news.

“It defined who I am as a person”, says Hebert. “Ever since that day, even if I was really young, I have been questioning any event the medias talked about. I always find out it is a conspiracy. I then warn everyone who will listen against our government. Before Internet, I had to go yell in the streets. Now, I can just go on Facebook or on a Board and talk for hours”.

Unfortunately for Herbert, he recently made a discovery that tempered his enthusiasm.

“It turns out that calling people sheep doesn’t actually make them listen to you more”, Hebert says. “I am flabbergasted! All those years, people didn’t listen to my warnings because I called them sheep if they didn’t think like me? I really believe it emphasized my point in a strong way people would respond to but it was the opposite. I have lost so much time”.

Hebert still plans to spend his days raising awareness about conspiracies but he will need to make some changes first.

“How am I going to call people who don’t listen to me? Mice? Donkeys? I really need to take some days off and think about this”.