Fitness Guru Claims Men Eating lots of Meat Might Have Higher Protein Intake

Darwin, Australia – Ross Wooty, a fitness coach, is dedicating his life helping men get the dream body they always wanted to have. In addition to his blog, Instagram and Youtube channel, he has now launched a book providing nutritional advices for those who want to build more muscles eating protein.

“I have studied the effect of food on men’s bodies and metabolism”, Ross says. “I believe I can now call myself an expert. The natural next step was to write a book to share my knowledge with others. It will change the way people see nutrition, it is really revolutionary”.

Among the many chapters, one is dedicated to meat.

“With all my research, I have discovered that eating more meat might induce an augmentation of the protein intake. I am very excited to share that discovery in my book. I have written a list of every meat existing so people can vary their meals”.

Ross also covers other subjects in his book.

“I have written a chapter about sport and how I truly believe that walking might increase your daily exercice. In another chapter, I am warning people that eating too much can lead to gaining weight. I cover a lot of angles”.

Ross’ book will be out in December, in time for Christmas.