Cat Won’t do Catnip Until South Dakota Legalize Marijuana

Rapid City, South Dakota – Cats are known to be jerks, selfish and bossy. What many people ignore is that they can also show solidarity. Bellybutton, a young cat in South Dakota, has vowed not to do catnip until the state legalizes Marijuana.

“I am so impressed with his determination”, Amber, his owner, says. “He generally doesn’t have enough motivation to go from the sofa to his bowl of food. He can’t control himself when he sees tuna. But, somehow, his mind is strong when it comes to his commitment to stop catnip. It has been 2 weeks now”.

And nothing can make Bellybutton come back on his decision, not even peer pressure. The cat is making his entourage proud of him as he shows his determination.

“I looked after my colleague’s cat last week”, Amber says. “Bellybutton just stood there, looking confident as the other cat had catnip. He didn’t even look tempted. He is a rebel who has finally found a cause. The stoners’ cause”

Anthon Decker, president of the Legalize Da Pot Project says : “We are so proud to have this cat’s support. Every voice count and we can’t argue that Bellybutton get us more attention. We are very hopeful we are close to get what we want”.