Parents Outraged After Son Accidentally Search Faceboob

Josiah and Erica Waltons, 2 respected members of Families Against Swearing, have written a heartfelt message on Facebook to warn other parents about what could happen if they don’t check their internet parental filters.

“We thought we had done everything the right way”, Josiah explains. “There are strong filters in place. We thought that it would protect our children online. Their social media accounts are often checked to make sure we know all their friends and who they are messaging. We really believed they were safe on the internet”.

Unfortunately, last week, the unthinkable happened and Jordan, their son, managed to google “Faceboob”.

“The poor boy. He was sitting on the sofa next to us and tried to go on his Facebook account. I saw him turning so pale”, Erica says. “He somehow had written Faceboob and was staring at images of… Well, I don’t think he will ever be able to unsee that. He is only 15 years old. I feel so guilty for letting him down like that”

“It could happen to your son or daughter”, Josiah adds. “We are begging parents to check their parental filters and make sure that their children can’t google words like Faceboob, Twatter, Titter, Instagrass, Youpube. Your children might have clumsy fingers too and their well being depend on your vigilance”