Only Honest Trump’s advisor Felt Ostracized at White House

Jacky Reynold, 54, was until recently Trump’s advisor. He had always prided himself on being an honest man. During his long career in finance, he never broke a rule, lied to anyone or stole anything.

When he was named as one of Donald Trump financial advisors, he thought it would be the best experience of his life. Little did he know he would soon regret his decision to say yes.

“I think the other advisors had googled me because I could feel I didn’t fit from the beginning. They would order only 12 muffins when there was 13 of us in the room. They locked the meeting room before I could get in and pretended it was an accident. When I made it inside they told me I couldn’t sit with them, I had to sit on the floor next to the table”.

Jacky was hoping that, as time was passing, things would calm down and he could start working with the others as a team. But it never happened.

“They were whispering to each others, laughing being my back. Conversations would stop when I entered the room. They used to call me Virtuosity Reynold. They somehow managed to make it sound really insulting”.

After realising he had been left out of a team bonding golfing weekend, Donald Trump’s advisor has decided to resign.

“It was never going to get better. I was a bit sad at first but have mostly felt relieved since I left. If I could do things differently, I would definitely get involved in a Ponzi Scheme or some money laundering of some sort. I just had no idea I would end up being one of Donald Trump’s financial advisors”