Woman is Disappointed Because Her Outfit Didn’t Shock

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Erin Carter, 25, a Youtuber/Instagram model, has been left in tears after her attempt to get attention with her outfit failed.

“I had been planning everything for weeks”, Erin explains. “Wearing nothing else than a bodysuit and a jacket, I went out in the street. I was really looking forward  to seeing people’s reaction and had hired a cameraman to follow me around while I pretended to live a normal day”

But things didn’t happen the way Erin had hoped. No one noticed or more exactly, no one cared.

“It was a bit surprising. I assumed nobody saw me. I tried to speak really loud, to laugh a bit too hard. But nothing worked. People just looked a me and didn’t react. I even went to church dressed like that. There were 3 people wearing less clothes than me. I was crushed”.

Realising that competition for attention is fierce nowadays, Erin was left with no other choice than going home.

“I had a whole thing ready. A video about my ordeal – I was gonna cry! Inspirational posts on Instagram. I was supposed to go viral with my outfit and how people reacted to it. What am I going to do now?”