Idiot is Very Proud He Can Spot Fake News

Boise, Idaho – For Kevin MacNillan, 28, Facebook was just a way to share pictures of his meals and motivational quotes he wasn’t living by, like millions of other people. Until last year’s election. With the emergence of Fake News and a wider knowledge about their existence, Kevin had found a new passion.

“At first, it was very useful. I was happy to have Kevin warn us when we were sharing fake news. Who wants to spread it, right?”, one of Kevin’s Facebook friends, Mallory, explains. ‘He was flagging obvious spoof news as fake news too, but nothing worrying. He had good intention and was trying to save us the embarrassment of showing our ignorance. Or so we thought”.

Slowly, Kevin became smug. He was inundating his friends’ timelines with warnings about fake news. He soon became a little bit too enthusiastic.

“After three months, it got annoying”, another friend, Candice, says. “He called the status announcing my pregnancy fake news. He commented faker news under a baked pasta recipe. His cereals were fake news when they were getting soggy too fast. That was the only thing he could comment. It was just ridiculous”.

Kevin’s friends have recently decided to stop him before he reached the point of no return.

“He wanted to rename Christmas “Fakenewsmas”. This is obsession! He has found a way to feel smart and won’t stop. It has been a bit better since we talked to him, but he always seems so close to a relapse”, Candice adds.