Cat Can’t Believe Owner Went There

Pocatello, Idaho – Oh no she dihin’t! Fenix the cat had quite a good life until the events that took place last Saturday in the cosy house, on the east side of Pocatello, where Fenix and his owner, Donatella Mochato, live.

“Donatella has complained about Fenix acting like a jerk ever since she has got him”, Patrick, a neighbour says. “He pees everywhere, demands to get in an out every 15 minutes and wakes her up at 5 every morning. He is a bit demanding, but he is a cat, what can you expect?”

Nobody saw what she did coming, especially not Fenix. After weeks of warning him, Donatella has confiscated Fenix’s Catnip and won’t give it back until Fenix changes.

“I woke up early on Sunday morning because of all the noise”, another neighbour explains. “Fenix demands his catnip back, Donatella wants him to behave better. Neither of them is ready to give up. It might last for days. I hope it won’t disturb the neighbourhood’s peace and quiet”.

Donatella, who insists she is not dating her cat, says she just wants “to feel like Fenix cares about how I feel and is ready to put the effort into making our relationship work”