Trump Threatens to Bomb Puerto Rico if its President Keeps Ignoring Him

Washington – President of the United State Donald Trump has announced this morning he was ready to bomb Puerto Rico if his attempts to contact its President remained unsuccessful.

“I have been trying to contact the President of Puerto Rico ever since the hurricane happened. I haven’t received any answer so far. Why expect me to deal with the aftermath of the disaster? Because the President of that country doesn’t care about people living there? They are left to survive by themselves. It is a shame the leader of the country is nowhere to be seen”, Donald Trump wrote on Facebook.

Donald Trump won’t stop until he has got the answers he demands.

“I am ready to start a war with Puerto Rico if I have to. This coward need to come out of hiding and start dealing with the country’s problems. People can’t expect me to take responsibility for everyone, even if I am the leader of the free world. I have other things to do”

President Trump demands an answer immediately or he will take action.

“I give the President of Puerto Rico until the end of my golf courts tour, next Thursday, to contact me or I will not hesitate to use the military option”, Trump adds.