American Man Arrested in Australia For Disrespecting a Koala

Leumeah, Australia – It was the holiday of a lifetime, it ended up being a nightmare. John Lockwidth, 45, a father of 4, has been arrested last week for refusing to show respect to a koala.

It was the third day of holiday for the family from Oklahoma when their youngest son, Porter, 7, spotted a Koala in a tree.

“We all got really excited and started to take pictures”, John explains. “After a minute or two a ranger approached us. He ordered me to take a bow. We thought he was joking at first but he explained to me that in Australia, men have to prove their respect to every Koala they meet out in the wild. I refused to do so. I explained it was ridiculous and told him I was American and free to do whatever I want everywhere in the world. He wouldn’t have any of it and arrested me in front of my family”

John has pleaded guilty and will only have to spend a week of community service in a Koala Sanctuary. He has only 2 days left.

“It is not too bad. Most of the day is spent cuddling a koala”, John continues. “I also have to massage the oldest koala of the sanctuary, Kudokuu, every day and ask for his forgiveness. As they say in Australia ‘you poop on one koala, you poop on all them koalas”. I didn’t mean to offend anyone and truly hope Kudokuu will pardon me. I didn’t get any result so far. Koalas are actually quite petty, they hold grudges for up to 80 years. And they are vile. I have been bitten 6 times”

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