11 % of People Offended by Literally Every Tweet

In a study published today about how people react to different tweets depending on their social class, Harvard researchers Stanislas Smith and Fenston Hickman have revealed that no matter what you write about, 11% of people reading your tweets will be offended by what you write.

“It is quite fascinating really”, says Stanislas Smith. “It isn’t what we were trying to find out but we have dicovered that 11% of people will be offended, no matter their sex, ethnicity, social environment, faith, age or political preference. It always happens. Even the tweet “My mother is so strong” got that result. The percentage is exactly the same with people who haven’t read the tweet, 11 % will feel offended when asked how they feel about it”.

Among the offended, 34% take what you wrote out of its context because they want to blame you for something, 23% because they want to push their agenda, 15% woke up offended that morning and went on social  media to vent, 14% never liked you, 12 % just follow the bandwagon because they want to fit in and 2% will somehow throw Hitler in the conversation.


Another finding of this study is that, in addition of the 11% offended, 8 % of the people reading your tweets are family members who feel obliged, 20% actually don’t read your tweets and just like them so you like theirs back, 25% genuinely try to understand it but just don’t, 3% are too drunk or stoned to know what is happening and 33% don’t give a shit about what you think.

“It goes to show how pointless it is to post on social media to be understood or get attention. Nobody cares”, says Fenston Hickman.yah