Dog Found 1500 Miles From Home Asks to be Sent Back

Little Rock, Arkansas – Somebody gets him out of there! Alex the dog disappeared from Little Rock, Arkansas in 2015. After looking for him for weeks, his family, the Rawserds, had lost hope to ever see him again. Against all odds, he has been found last month in Los Angeles and identified thanks to his microchip.

It has now emerged that Alex would rather be sent back to live in the street than having to live in Little Rock with the Rawserds.

“It’s just not right for him”, an anonymous source says. “He didn’t know any better as he was born and raised in Little Rock but now he has traveled, he just can’t stand it anymore. He doesn’t fit in and cannot find one like minded person here. Alex the dog did try to set up a meditation camp in the forest but nobody came”.

Alex has indeed been quite lost since he came back.

“He misses people juicing everything, those ready to pay for a “burst bubbles with intent” class, eating kale”, the source says. “He’s a vegan now. He misses the high profile people petting him every day. The most famous person here is that 53 years dude with an elbow that looks like Jesus face on a turkey neck”.

The Rawserds and PETA are both refusing to pay for Alex’s ticket back. He is considering going back walking.