Youtube Star Zoella Donates Selfies to Elderly People

Brighton, U.K. – After the ghostwriter scandal and the failure of her one year of messy hair challenge (she made it to day three then forgot), Youtube Star Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, has decided to launch a new campaign to gain some credibility back.

“My management kept on telling me to do some charity work to improve my image but it seems like so much hard work”, Zoe explains. “Then, one day, after they suggested me to spend some time with elderly people, the idea came to me. I am going to donate a selfie with me to them. I make a good action, they can look at their picture with me and be happy, I have time to stay home and eat take-outs. It’s a win-win situation”

Some people on Twitter have already voice their concern about using elderly people like that, calling it immoral. Some others pointed out that selfies actually don’t help anyone, in the end.

“People are never happy. I give these people dreams, I give these people time, I give these people memories. A lot of people would love a selfie with me. I also talk about it on Twitter and encourage people to take a selfie with their grandparents. I bring people closer together. Haters are gonna hate anyway”, says Zoe.

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