Online Petition Demands 2016 to Become a Sub-year

Portland, Oregon – Since last week, the petition put online by David Karsgorf, 29, has gathered over 12 000 signatures. David, an accountant from Portland, asked the government to downgrade 2016 to “sub-year”.

“2016 has been the shittiest year in a long time”, David writes on the petition page. We have lost David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Handsome Dan XVII, Carrie Fisher, George Michael and Harambe. Donald Trump became President of the United States. Despacito was recorded. Somebody even thought it was a good idea to sell cheese, cucumber and salad cream crisps. The world has gone mad. It was just a shitty, shitty year all along”.

As so many people are still paying the price of 2016, David demands urgent measures to be taken.

“2016 can’t be cancelled, it’s too late, but we can make it pay”, David writes. “We kindly ask the government to strip 2016 of his status of year and consider it a sub-year. It needs to be humiliated, for the next few thousands years at least. I want children to be taught in 2945 that it has been 999 years and a sub-year since the end of WW2”.

The Congress will review the proposal on his next session if the petition hits 500 000 signatures.