Edmund Farron Receives Politician of the Year Title

Grand Forks, North Dakota – Edmund Farron, 62, has been into politics since he was 26 years old. He is now one of North Dakota’s senators. Grand Forks favourite politician has finally seen his efforts rewarded after it has been announced today that he has been awarded the title of politician of the year by the Academy of Politics.

“Edmund Farron is what every politician in the United States should try to become”, a member of the Academy of Politics Awards Committee says. “Since he started, 36 years ago, Edmund has been hard working, honest and always ready to serve the people. Edmund is also very innovative in the way he does his job, we can all learn from him. He does not own a twitter account and call people when he needs to talk to them. There are barely any convictions on his criminal record. It really made sense to give him the award this year”

Any politician in the USA who works 45 hours or more a month is automatically eligible to receive the Politician of the Year award. There were 14 nominees this year. Two more than last year.

“We are very proud of him”, his Aunt Lucinda says. “He was always the most clever kid in his class. He could read at 9! His friends named him “less likely to choke on his lunch” at school, we just knew he would go far in life”.

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