You Think you Have Been Using Pans the Right Way all Along?

Well you probably have! A recent study shows that people mostly use pans the way they are intended to be used.

“Apart from the rare case of someone using it for violence or as a sex toy, pans are used the right way. People turn the hob on, put the thing on it and then cook food in it. We haven’t encountered anyone using it any other way. Which is not really surprising as they are quite straightforward utensils to use”, Jordan Padlock, the researcher behind this study, explains.

This must be a relief for every person who has ever wondered if they were using it properly and if they were fitting in with other pan users. But did Jordan learn about any tricks or life hacks about pans during his year long study?

“No. They are just meant to be used to cook food. There is literally no other way to use them”.