Now you’ll Know How to Look at Contemporary Art

London, United Kindgom – Ross Marcus, 32, is the most talked about seduction Guru at the moment. His conferences are solding out in days. But he isn’t the kind to rest on his laurels. He now plan to help men afraid of Contemporary Art.

“I have a true passion for helping men seduce women”, Ross says. “I always want to do more. This is why I have launched the new “get the right look” class. When talking to the guys attending my seminars, they often complained about fearing a first date in a unfamiliar place. They don’t know what to say or how to react. It gave me the idea to create a course that would teach men the right face and reaction to have during a first date at an art gallery, a political debate or a fashion show”

So how to react when watching a piece of contemporary art, for example?

“That’s easy! Stop suddenly, gasp and take one step back. Mutter with joy and incline slightly your head to the right (no more than 23º). Bring your hand just under your mouth, putting 2 fingers on your chin and your thumb under it. Squint, slowly shake your head. Stay there without moving, stop squinting and look like you just understood lukewarm water. Exhale loudly and shake your head, a look of joy on your face. Et voilà!”