MoMA Wins Battle to Open the David Bowie Loved to Peel Potatoes Wing

New York – The Museum of Modern art situated in Manhattan has announced yesterday that it will open the “David Bowie loved to peel potatoes” wing in February 2018 after the group called “artshionsistas against nonsense” (AAN) dropped their legal action.

“It is a great pleasure for the Museum of Modern Art to announce that the “David Bowie loved to peel potatoes” wing will finally open next February”, Jolene Mitchells, a spokesperson for MoMA told yesterday.

“Artshionsistas against nonsense” had been battling for month to pressure MoMa into choosing another name for the new wing.

“We are not questioning Mr Bowie love for peeling potatoes, we just don’t think that the name is going to help people take modern art for the serious art it is. But we have to admit that we have lost the battle. We apologise to the 72 people who have signed our petition”

The wing will host a permanent exposition on potato in modern art and its power as a symbol of political oppression.

“It is a sweet way to remember David. Obviously, David was more than potato peeler. He was a great, kind, caring and polite man. He also liked Kumquats a lot”, a friend of David Bowie explains. “I am sure David would have loved to have this wing named after him. After all, he really loved to peel potatoes”