Yes Bethany He Saw What You Did Last Night

…And he is judging you, Bethany!

Bethany Krempelf, 26, and her dog, Lightbulb, have been doggie and human for 3 years now. But recently, things have changed.

“Everything was fine at the beginning but slowly, I realised something was wrong. He started to look at me weirdly, his eyes saying “Bethany, you mother didn’t raise you like that”. It was destabilising. At first it was for small things. If I picked up food from the floor and ate it or wore the same underwear two or three days in a row. Then, he started to judge me for everything. When I ate a cookie, when I had a bad hair day, when I had a one night stand. He’s just so smug”.

Bethany loves her dog too much to get rid of him, but the pressure of always having to be perfect is starting to wear her out

“I have cold sweat thinking about his judging look on me. I threw away my sex toys, I am being really careful with hygiene, I even started to eat kale… But there is always something, every day. I don’t know how long I can live like that. Every time I open a door, I expect to see him behind, staring at me. Even when I am at work and him at home”