Actor Says “We Had no Idea Women Were People Too”

Los Angeles, California – Hollywood’s silence has been deafening since the beginning of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. But one person spoke out publicly this morning to support the fallen producer and give his vies on women.

Robert Grosncove, 54, is known for his roles in movies such as “There’s no place like yo mama” or “One kumquat a day keeps the ex-wife away”. In an interview yesterday, he has given his opinion on the case.

“You can’t blame Harvey Weinstein, really”, he says. “We just didn’t know until recently that women were people too. Correct me if I’m wrong but until 1997, the World Health Organization classified being female as a mental illness. Are they even allowed to vote? I don’t think it’s fair to attack Harvey now. We just had no idea”.

Robert also gives his opinion on how Hollywood treats women.

“I am not sure what they complain about. A lot of ladies are costume assistants, food caterers or makeup artists. We even employ a lot of them to play the lead male role’s wife or love interest. Saying that Hollywood doesn’t love women is just false”.