President Trump Downgraded From International Danger to National Disaster

Silver Spring, Maryland – The International organisation for the galaxy safety has today moved President Trump from category 6, international danger, to category 5, national disaster.

Jonathan Brovnikc, 56, has been IOGS director general for 6 years now.

“The institute has been watching the political climate for the last 16 years. We analyse every day the data we receive regarding unstable leaders of the world. Our analysts then rate the risk they represent on a 1 to 10 scale. We are confident that President Trump will not be an immediate menace at an international level for at least the next 36 hours”, Jonathan explains.

However, IOGS warns American people to stay vigilant.

“It is impossible to ignore the risks President Trump represents at a national level. Everyone living in the United States needs to stay alert”, Jonathan adds. “We strongly advise people to refrain to tweet the President about the size of his hands or his golfing abilities to keep things quiet”.

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