Man Charged With Harassing TFL Over Slogans he Wrote

London, UK –  Maxwell Travis, 27, has a passion for writing slogans. And he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his talent, TFL, the Transports For London.

“I had that idea for a new campaign for the company. It was always under 140 characters so it appealed to young people. I like to think I am quite good at conveying messages to customers. I figured my slogans would be perfect for Transport For London. So I started to tweet them”

The slogans, such as “If you delay it, we’ll make you pay for it”, “Hey bro, paying your journey is cool. So make sure you don’t try to sneak like a fool”, “Hey there tourists, we hope you’re enjoying your day, now get your luggage the fuck out of the way”, “You have a good evening, enjoying your drink. Just know we expect you to clean it, if you let out a little bit of vomit” and “don’t try to stop the door, unless you want to see your fingers on the floor” were not exactly what TFL want for their campaigns. Maxwell determination was not exactly welcomed.

“I started by tweeting TFL once a day but I didn’t get much success. I then decided to tweet the people working at TFL personally”, he explains. “I got a bit carried away and found their personal address and started to post flyers with my work on it in their letter boxes. I painted my slogans on their doors. Maybe I’ve got a bit carried away… When TFL pressed charges against me, I tried to make #saveMaxwellfromTFL trending, but only my mother retweeded me”

Maxwell is now forbidden to try to contact anyone working at TFL.

“It’s a shame. I know talent when I see it and I have seen my slogans. It’s their loss, I guess”.


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