NY Mayoral Election Candidate Admits Baby Costume Was a Bad Idea

Manhattan, New York – It might have seemed like a good idea on paper for this Mayoral election candidate but it turned out to be a disaster when executed.

Mario Coninecci, 57, candidate to the next Mayoral election has issued a statement this morning explaining why he was arrested in Central Park, where several children birthday parties and a yoga class were taking place, dressed only with a giant cloth diaper and a baby hat.

“I need to apologise today to every person I have offended, terrified or scared. My intentions were good. I wanted to portray innocence, someone you can trust as they are pure. Someone that have not been corrupted by the system yet. Babies are cute, it didn’t seemed weird to me to do this. I realise now that it was a bad idea to dress up as a baby and chase people in central park to discuss political matters with them. I will learn my lesson and will come out of this a better, stronger -and always dressed- man”

No charge will be pressed again Coninecci.