Trump Forces Schools to Teach to Write Only in Comic Sans Ms

Washington – In an attempt to make “America great again”, President Donald J. Trump has decided to make it a legal obligation for schools to teach how to write in Comic sans MS.

“We have to focus on making education a pride for America. We used to teach children how to read, behave and write properly”, he writes on Facebook. “I want to bring this back. I will make education amazing again!”

One of the way President Trump plans to do it is to only allow Comic Sans MS font to be taught.

“What better font can we teach children to write in than Comic Sans Ms, this “Monsieur of the fonts”, fallen and rejected, hated and mocked, like most of our great American values.

Donald Trump also mentions his plan to spread the obligation to use Comic sand MS to every official document, website and leaflet. Then, by 2018, every news TV banner, advertisement billboard and magasine/newspaper publication in America.

“I am ready to ban imports from any country that would not consider Comic Sans MS as a superior font and treat it with the respect it deserves” he adds in in Facebook post.

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