Brothers to Open Quinoa Bar In Queens

Queens, New York – Timothy and Thomas Jones, both 29, are determined to take America by storm with quinoa!

The 2 brothers, originally from London, want to import the “Quinoa Bars” concept to America, starting by New York.

“The idea to open a Quinoa bar came to us while we were cycling in Shoreditch”, Timothy explains. “Tom got quite hungry and was craving quinoa. We couldn’t find a place serving it anywhere near us. It seemed so obvious. Why did nobody think about it earlier? London needed a place where people could come and enjoy a bowl of quinoa, a quinoa ball or a quinoa cake. We chose to open our store in Brixton, 3 years ago”.

The brothers’ bar was offering a selection of vegan and quinoa based dishes. The bowl of plain Quinoa was sold £10, toppings, £3 each.

“Nobody came… I do believe we suffered from stereotypes. People accused us of trying to gentrify the area but they couldn’t be further from the truth. We wanted to unite everyone, poor, rich … in the love of Quinoa. We think we were the solution to many social problems” says Thomas.

“We hope people in the Queens will be more open minded”, Tom says.

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