Mother Says She is Not Sorry for Poocebooking

San Jose, California – Katie McAdams, 37, is quite the busy mother, between her 3 children, Bethany, 14, Amanda, 9 and Joseph, 2 years old. But Katie always find time to update her friends about her youngest potty training and she is not sorry about it!

She is part of a growing trend on Facebook: Poocebooking.

“It makes everything so easy. With my first two children, I had to call, text or email everyone every time they made it to the potty. It was so time consuming. Now, with Joseph, I can just post 2 or 3 updates a day, everybody can know when he went to the toilet and what he made”, she explains.

And Poocebooking offers more perks. “I can also keep tab on people who don’t like my status often enough and hold grudges. It is all working out so well!”, she adds

Doesn’t Katie feel a bit guilty about filling her friends timeline with updates about her being “so proud of little Joseph who made it to the potty for the third time in a row?”

“Guilty? No, why. I am sure everybody is delighted to know. Why wouldn’t they be?”

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