Kendall Jenner Forbidden by a Judge to Say Like For a Year

Los Angeles, California – Judge Ronald Mewis has always been known for his original sentences and Kendall Jenner, 21, just learned it the hard way.

The model/reality TV star/riots resolution by soda expert has been sentenced to not say the word like, unless used as a verb, for a year after Jonathan Elenor, 34, sued her for repeatedly parking her car in front of his garage.

“You have been an annoyance to Mister Elenor for months now”, the judge said at the sentencing. “He was late for work, missed several tennis lessons and a flash sale at Burberry. But you kept on parking your car there. I could sentence you to a fine or some community service but I do believe that you will only understand the lesson if I sentence you to something that will be an annoyance to you. You need a taste of you own medicine. I sentence you to 365 days without using in public the word “like”, unless it is a verb, when you talk or write”.

Kendall Jenner, who could be heard wailing and repeating “what am I going to do” refused to comment but Kris, her mother, explained that the young member of the family will still be a part of the “Keeping up with the Kardashian” show.

“She might have to sit there and stay silent, we can’t take any risk. But she will definitely be a part of the show”, Kris says.

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