Donald Trump Apologises to Kim Jong Un For Not Having Met Him Yet

Last week, in an attempt to bring back the peace between their 2 countries, President Trump has sent a bouquet and a self-made card to Kim Jong Un.

“After Donald met with Malaysian prime minister, I felt like he would never  understand me if I didn’t spell it out clearly for him. We talked on the phone and I explained to him how hurt I was that he met so many authoritarian or controversial leaders and I haven’t received as much as a birthday card. I am happy Donald listened to my feelings and took the first step to link our hearts and nations”

The pretty card Donald made for Kim Jong


“You can really see he poured his heart into it, I think he means what he wrote” Kim Jong Un adds.

According to an unnamed source, “everything is a lot easier in North Korea right now. Kim Jong Un had been so cranky in the last weeks. We can already see the results. The rate of political murders has already dropped!”

Following the kind gesture, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have momentarily put their plan to kill half of the world population to prove who has the biggest willy on hold.

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