Woman Divorces Husband Addicted to Motivational Quotes

Casper, Wyoming- Ashley Morrison, 42, had everything she had ever dreamed of. A husband, 2 children, a nice house and many friends. Her life was perfect, or so she thought.

“I had been quite active on Facebook, especially since the kids were born. I liked to share their pictures, their milestones. It was really nice to share those special moments with my family members living far away. I had to insist a bit to get Robert, my husband, to join Facebook but he finally did it after we created a Facebook group with our friends to plan a party. This is when my nightmare began”

Soon, Robert discovered motivational quotes and nothing could be done to stop him.

“At first, he was just reading them, thinking about his failures and ways to improve. I was quite happy. Then it got bad. He started reposting every motivational quote he could find, tagging me and all our friends in it. It was a bit embarrassing.”

But the worst was still to come. Robert started to create his own motivational pictures.

Some of Robert’s creations










“He left his job, he would just spend his days making new motivational images and posting them on Facebook. I don’t even know what he was referring to, nobody ever put him down or said anything to him or behind his back”.

Sadly, Robert’s new obsession forced Ashley to make a decision she’d never have to make”

“Motivational quotes are cringeworthy to begin with, but my husband managed to be bad at it! It is a bit sad to end a 17 years mariage over that, but what choice do I have? How did I not realise he was such a douche before?”

Robert’s latest work


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