New Guinness Book of Records Includes Longest 20 Words Conversation

Hannah Parsons, 14, and Judith Grenchfeelf, 15, were inseparable since the age of 3. Until last year, when Hannah had to move from Hoboken, New Jersey to Des Moines, Iowa. The girls soon started what would become the reason they will enter the Guinness Book of records, a conversation by messages.

For the last 11 months, Hannah and Judith have talked every day, sending each other up to 1236 messages in a day.

What do they talk about? “Boys, us, life, anything really” Judith assures us. But why using only 20 words? “It was like, it just happened. We were like.. talking and just being ourselves. It’s like, how we talk in real life. We like, understand each other easily”

“It’s true”, Hannah adds, ” it’s like.. I mean, It’s like…Like that time when we..”

“Yes, definitely like that and also, you know…”, Judith explains

In addition to Hannah and Judith’s record, the new records book also includes

  • Patricia Forner, 19, holder of the longest period as an intern at the congress without receiving any naked picture of Anthony Weiner (72 days).
  • Jeremy Rapolis, 52, who managed to floss between 7 teeth at the same time.
  • Kevin Bubabook, 34, who has been vlogging his eventless life for 3285 days

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