Youtube Star Zoella Vows Not to Brush Her Hair For a Year

She became an internet sensation by posting videos on Youtube since 2009, has started trends such as Christmas jumpers in December and pretending to be surprised or cheeky in Youtube thumbnail pictures. Zoella, Youtube star, Instagram princess, owner of a beauty products brand is quite the achiever.

But Zoe Sugg, her real name, is now wearing a new hat. Activist.

“I want people to feel empowered”, she explains. “I like to make people happy so I’want to inspire everybody to be free to wear their hair the way they want. Society is dictating that we should brush our hair. I want to start a new trend. #freethefollicle or #messyhairdontcare. Or maybe #Beckywiththeunkepthair?”

She adds : “There is also the fact that I can’t grow a unibrow and my face for pictures (the half-kangaroo face, my pride and joy) didn’t become as trendy as the Duck Face or the Fish Gape. I was quite crushed and thought I had lost my trendsetting power. Until I thought about not brushing my hair for a year”.

So it isn’t to help women take back the control of their image and body?

“Oh, yes, of course, I definitely do it for the empowering stuff shit”, Zoella says.

Doesn’t she think that preaching against society pressuring women to always look perfect is incompatible with  selling beauty products to teenagers?

“I don’t understand your question, I don’t sell hair brushes”.

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