Kim Kardashian to Name Twins Hunspiration and HunckleberryFinn

It has been the talk of the last few weeks, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a third baby. And a fourth! In an interview today, Kim has confirmed that the babies, a boy and a girl already have names.

“Hunnocence and Hunckleberryfinn”.

“I wanted a unique name. What is best that a mix of Hun and Innocence?”, the 36 years old reality TV tells about her daughter’s name. “We will call her Hun. It is a strong name for strong women. Like “Hun, you were so right to dump him, he didn’t call you enough”. But it is also full of compassion. Like “Hun, are you sure you’re OK?”. This is the perfect name for our second daughter. Nori’s birth was the highest point of our life and  the birth of Hunspiration will be an Hundescriptible Joy”, she laughs.

Kim’s sister, Khloe wasn’t really thrilled at first. “Of course, I realise it is a stupid name, but I got used to North, I will get used to Hunspiration and HunckleberryFinn. If you think about it, we can say “The twins are Hunder the weather”, “The twins are Hunder arrest”, “The twins are Hunderestimated in this school”. The possibilities are endless and it will give them that special status every member of this family deserve”.

By the way, why call their second son HunckleberryFinn? “It goes well with Hunspiration”, Kim says.

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